Bishop - old jersey - National Register of Historic Places listings in Middlesex.

Construction is progressing as Myers asks the million Roman Catholics of the archdiocese to open their wallets for the "archbishop’s annual appeal," a fundraising effort that supports an array of initiatives, including religious education, the training of future priests and feeding the poor.

There is, for instance, Cardome, a $-million oceanfront mansion in Watch Hill that serves as a summer home for bishops. And on Warwick Neck, the diocese owns the Aldrich Mansion, a 75-room house on 75 acres, bought in 1939 from the family of . Sen. Nelson W. Aldrich. The Italian-marble floors shine, the manicured lawns slope to Narragansett Bay -- the ambience evokes fairy tales. Hollywood producers filmed the movie Meet Joe Black there because, they said, it resembles the French residences of the late Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The diocese rents out the mansion for soirees, weddings, and more; it charges $3,000 for a baby shower. (The fee will increase next year to $4,000, and to $5,000 in 2004, according to the price list.)

Bishop - Old JerseyBishop - Old JerseyBishop - Old JerseyBishop - Old Jersey